FSC Code Evo ID4 Map
  • FSC Code Evo ID4 Map
  • FSC Code Evo ID4 Map

FSC Code Evo ID4 Map

* VIN:

* Type FSC:

* Region:

For update Evo map Only NBT Evo id4! Not id5/6

The activation code is always a 20-position combination of characters, which is entered manually via the iDrive controller. The activation code only contains capital letters (A – Z) and digits (2 – 7). 
The activation code does not contain the digits “0” and “1” in order to prevent confusion with the letters “O” and “I”.
s the activation code consists of both letters and digits, the person entering the code must switch manually between digits and letters in the iDrive system. A special character switching facility is provided for this: „1@+“

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